An antagonist found on all routes of Chapter 3. He is fought at Brigantys Castle in the Chaos Route, Coritanae Keep in the Neutral Route and Almorica Castle in the Lawful Route, each time attempting to avenge the downfall of Balbatos and the Galgastani's influence.

Warren ReportEdit

"Xaebos Ronsenbach. Age 30. A Galgastani who once led the Knights of Galgastan. He served directly under Balbatos, hunting down the hierophant's enemies at home and suppressing the Walister. After the Hierophant's death he continued to launch strikes together with other Galgastani remnants."


Defeating him in each route earns a Title

  • Chaos - "Untarnished Hero"
  • Neutral - "Slayer of the Dying"
  • Law - "Destroyer of Galgastan"


Xaebos is named after the demon Zaebos, who is said to be the Grand Count of the Infernal Realms, and appears in the shape of a warrior who sits upon a crocodile.

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