"A sword with a straight, slender blade made for thrusting attacks. A thumb spur atop the knuckle-bow provides leverage for swift counterattacks"


Walloon SwordEdit

Can be crafted. Often equipped/dropped by Level 21-23 Sword wielders
Walloon Sword


  • Lv.21
  • Weight 9, RT +28
  • Damage: Piercing 6
  • ATK 91, STR +2, DEX +1, AGIL +2, LUCK -1


Ingredient Needed Used for

Lightning SwordEdit

Has to be crafted
Lightning Sword


  • Lv.22
  • Weight 10, RT +30
  • Damage: Piercing 8
  • Affinity: Lightning 7
  • ATK 100, STR +4, DEX +3, AGIL +4, LUCK -3


  • Racial: Umbra 5%
  • On Hit: Lightning Averse


Recipe Ingredient Needed
Sword Enchiridion

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