"White limestone formations jut like teeth from the top of theis gentle, grassy hill."

Tynemouth Hill is a location in the Walister region of the Valerian Isles to the west of Almorica Castle.

Story Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Denam Pavel traveled there when heading to Krysaro at the request of Duke Ronwey to assist Leonar with the Necromancer Nybeth. During the ensuring battle, he was aided by Canopus and slew the Magus Orba. Canopus then joins the Order after the battle.

Chapter 2 Edit

Chaos Edit

Vyce spread rumors that Lanselot Hamilton had taken position here in hopes of luring Denam into a trap to kill all who knew of the true events behind Balmamusa. When Denam arrived, Vyce was shocked to find that Arycelle was still alive and did not know of the Duke's actions in the massacre. The groups clashed, with Denam's battalion reigning supreme, forcing Vyce to flee. As he did so, he revealed that he had blocked the way back to Port Asyton. After this battle, Arycelle joins the battalion.

Law Edit

When travelling back to Almorica Castle from a successful capture of Asyton, Denam encounters a relief party of Clerics lead by Wynoa Canaletto who was treating Commander Gatialo.

Chapter 3 Edit

Neutral and Law Edit

When travelling to either Asyton or Almorica depending on the route (respectively), the Beastmaster Ganpp attacked Denam with his gryphons, as well as two cockatrices he raised. During this battle, they are slain and Ganpp swears that he would get his revenge.

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