Trueno's Scales
"A fist weapon crafted from the remains of Trueno the Magewyrm. Paired with a gauntlet made from his scales".



Can be Dropped by Andoras in the Hanging Gardens or in the final battle in Epidode 4 of CODA


  • Lv.34 - Unique
  • Weight 15, RT +46
  • Damage: Piercing 11
  • Affinity: Lightning 15
  • ATK 149, STR +3, VIT +1, HP +12, AGIL +2


  • Racial: Dragon +20%
  • On Hit: Lightning Averse
  • Extra: Augment Lightning +1, Slowproof
  • Special: Thunder Breath


'Trueno' is the Spanish word for 'Thunder' (as in a storm or the noise of lightning)

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