"A fist weapon with sharp claws that can be used to stab or rake"
Tiger Bagh Nakh


Tiger Bagh NakhEdit

Can be bought for 7100 goth from any shop


  • Lv.19
  • Weight 12, RT +35
  • Damage: Slashing 8
  • ATK 93, STR +2, HP +8, AGIL +1, AVD +2, LUCK -1


Ingredient Needed Used for

Tiger Bagh Nakh +1Edit

Has to be crafted


  • Lv.20
  • Weight 12, RT +37
  • Damage: Slashing 10
  • ATK 104, STR +4, HP +11, AGIL +3, AVD +4, LUCK -3


  • On Hit: Envenomed


Crafting Recipe Ingredient Needed
Melee Weapons II


A Bagh Naka (lit. Tiger Claw) is a claw-like weapon from India designed to be concealed in a palm. They consisted of several curved blades affixed to a crossbar or the underside of a glove with the blades spaced to hide between fingers. Blades used in assassination were dipped in poison, hence the poison aspect of the weapon.

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