"An ancient temple to Nestharot, Goddess of Lightning"

The Temple of Lightning (also Known as the Shrine of Nestharot) is a dungeon inside Qadriga Fortress, unlocked when doing the Apocrypha/Forbidden Power side-quest by going to Qadriga with one of the Phoraena sisters in the battalion. The Temple has 5 floors plus an optional floor, with various unique drops on certain ones.

This is the Temple of Xolotl, Guardian of Lightning Magic.


  • Enemies base level starts at Level 22
  • Most enemies are Faeries, Gremlins, and Humans
  • Common monsters are Cockatrice and Hydra
  • Lightning magic is used often.

Dungeon OverviewEdit

Qadriga Fortress (Optional)Edit

Within the FortressEdit

Temple of Nestharot, 1st DescentEdit

Temple of Nestharot, 2nd DescentEdit

Temple of Nestharot, 3rd DescentEdit

Temple of Nestharot, 4th DescentEdit

Sanctum of NestharotEdit

"The deepest level of the temple. Here one is closest to Nestharot, it is said"

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