The tarot card Wheel of Fortune

Tarot cards are used to help in the heat of battle. They grant a number of buffs and debuffs onto your enemies or your allies! You can sometimes receive tarot cards from enemies that have fallen. When you receive tarot cards from fallen enemies they will give a slight permanent increase in your stats. Tarot cards become consumable items after they are picked up and can never be bought or used by the lobber. Another use for tarot cards is for booby traps by a Rogue. The tarots are based on the Major Arcana.

Stat Cha​ngesEdit

When picked up in the battlefield (including by enemies) the receiving unit can gain a small change to their stats. Apart from Luck, these are all permentant changes.

  1. The Magician - INT up
  2. The High Priestess - MND up
  3. The Empress - MP up
  4. The Emperor - HP up
  5. The Hierophant - MND up
  6. The Lovers - Loyalty up
  7. The Chariot - STR up
  8. Strength - STR up
  9. The Hermit - INT up
  10. Wheel of Fortune - AVD up
  11. Justice - AVD up
  12. The Hanged Man - VIT up
  13. Death - LUK up/down
  14. Temperance - RES up
  15. The Devil - LUK up/down
  16. The Tower - VIT up
  17. The Star - DEX up
  18. The Moon - AGI up
  19. The Sun - AGI up
  20. Judgement - DEX up
  21. The World - RES up
  22. The Fool - Loyalty up

Buffs and DebuffsEdit

When used as an Item, Tarot cards can grant or inflict various status effects

  1. The Magician - Enfeeble
  2. The High Priestess - Healcraft
  3. The Empress - Resilient
  4. The Emperor - Fortify
  5. The Hierophant - Spellstrike
  6. The Lovers - Spoilheal
  7. The Chariot - Breached
  8. Strength - Strengthen
  9. The Hermit - Spellcraft
  10. Wheel of Fortune - Blinkwalk
  11. Justice - Dodge
  12. The Hanged Man - Falsestrike
  13. Death - Weaken
  14. Temperance - Stagger
  15. The Devil - Spoilspell
  16. The Tower - Misstep
  17. The Star - Trueflight
  18. The Moon - Falseflight
  19. The Sun - Sidestep
  20. Judgement - Truestrike
  21. The World - Cloudwalk
  22. The Fool - Spellslip


Several Cards are used in Crafting.

Ingredient Need Used for
The Hanged Man
The Tower
The Chariot

See also Edit

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