Shaytan's Bulova
"A two-handed axe with a blade like a reaper's scythe. Said to claim the life force of its victims."

How to ObtainEdit

Dropped by a Level 43+ Night Crow on Floor 109 of the Palace of the Dead



  • Lv. 43 (2H)
  • Weight 16, RT +49
  • Damage: Slashing 10
  • Affinity: Dark 15
  • ATK 166, STR +3, VIT +5, DEX +2, HP +8, MP +14, AVD +2, INT +5, LUCK -5


  • Racial: Faerie +20%
  • On Hit: Dark Averse
  • Extra: Augment Darkness +1, Fearproof
  • Special: Drain Mind


Shaytan is the Sanskrit word for a demon, and the root for the modern 'Satan', used in terms of the Christian Devil and in other religions. A 'Bulova' (lit. Horns) is a 'horned' axe where the blade is crescent or triangular-shaped but the points face outward/upward from the handle giving a distinct 'horn' shape. If translated literally, this weapon is 'The Devil's Horns' or 'Horned Devil'

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