"During the Great War, King Rodrick unleashed the power of the Apocrypha to vanquish an entire city, the remains of which float as an island among the clouds."

The San Bronsa Ruins is an optional dungeon unlocked in the second episode of CODA , accessed by going to the Warren Report 'San Bronsa Ruins Discovered'. Afterwards, the actual ruins are located north of the isles, floating above the Bay of Gobanda and accessed via the Reisan Way . It is here that players can use the Seal of Rebirth and the Ensanguined Rood to turn undead units into human Warriors and Divine Knights, respectively.

The Ruins are split into two parts: the Tower of Law Eternal and Floating Ruins. Upon reaching the 13th floor of the Tower of Law Eternal, the Floating Ruins will be accessed.

Story EventsEdit

Floor 3: Tower of Law EternalEdit

Denam arrives here to see Vepahl of the Tigers of Burnham with her forces, as well as a ghost and a skeleton. She tells them to use the Ensanguined Rood, and they oblige, turning into Divine Knights. Vephal then notices Denam and fights him. Once Vephal is defeated, she will flee, and the player can use this floor to create Divine Knights with the Ensanguined Rood.

Floor 10: Tower of Law EternalEdit

Once again, Vepahl is here seeking miracles. This time, she uses the Seal of Rebirth to turn some undead back into humans. After defeating her, she once again flees, and this floor can be used to turn undead into humans.

Floor 12: Tower of Law EternalEdit

Denam arrives to find Vephal alone with an angelic being, who summons two crystal dragons and use them to kill her. Turning to Denam, he orders him to relinquish his soul after summoning a few more of his same kind.

Dungeon OverviewEdit

San Bronsa is split into two areas:

This is the final dungeon unlocked ingame, and so will have the most powerful of the large units in it, though many are only found in the Floating Ruins. Tier II of the Summon spells, various Draconic Spells, and the Light Apocrypha Heavenly Judge are also found here. This is also where to find the last four scores for the Songstress class. Four of the 12 Heavenly General battles are also held at the Floating Ruins at floors 4, 8, 14, and 16. Again, most of these are found only at the Floating Ruins.

Loot Table by Col_Mobius.

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