"A great forest that spreads across the Genaw Highlands in the south of the Burnham Massif. The treacherous terrain and teeming wildlife have largely saved this saved this area from the ravages of war."

The Phorampa Wildwoods are an optional dungeon unlocked in Chapter 2, accessed by going to the Warren Report 'Phorampa Open to Hunting'.  The Wildwoods are located in the centre of the map and accessed via the Psonji Weald or Tynemouth Hil. The Wildwoods are a useful training spot and have many enemies that drop rare Crafting ingredients.

In Chapter 3 and 4 new areas/maps open.

Starter MapsEdit

Adventurer's GapEdit

Snowmelt StreamEdit

Phorampa's DoorstepEdit

The Howling HillsEdit

Field of Fallen ShadowEdit

Untrodden MarshEdit

The Feral ShoreEdit

Maps available from Chapter 3Edit

Branches off from "Untrodden Marsh"

Gunagua HeadwaterEdit

Whisper of Leaf and WaterEdit

Lie down in Green PasturesEdit

The FrostfenEdit

Maps available from Chapter 4Edit

Branches off from "Lie Down in Green Pastures"

Scenic KnollEdit

Heart of WildwoodsEdit

Land of the SupplicantEdit

Wonder at the GodsEdit

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