The Fourth set of floors in the Palace of the Dead.

After defeating Nybeth on Floor 100 of the Palace, It is possible to skip to Floor 76/78 by using a Palace Guide, 3st Ed. on Floor 51

Story EventsEdit

Floor 100 - Alter of the DeadEdit

Floor 88 (CODA only)Edit

Floor 98 (CODA only)Edit

Dungeon OverviewEdit

Floor 76Edit

Floor 77Edit

Floor 78Edit

Floor 79Edit

Floor 80Edit

Floor 81Edit

Floor 82Edit

Floor 83Edit

Floor 84Edit

Floor 85Edit

Floor 86Edit

Floor 87Edit

Floor 88Edit

Floor 89Edit

Floor 90Edit

Floor 91Edit

Floor 92Edit

Floor 93Edit

Floor 94Edit

Floor 95Edit

Floor 96Edit

Floor 97Edit

Floor 98Edit

Floor 99Edit

Floor 100 - Alter of the BeyondEdit

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