The Third set of floors in the Palace of the Dead

After defeating Nybeth on Floor 100 of the Palace, it is possible to skip to Floor 51 by using a Palace Guide, 2st Ed. on Floor 26.

Story EventsEdit

Floor 74Edit

Dungeon OverviewEdit

Floor 51Edit

Floor 52Edit

Floor 53Edit

Floor 54Edit

Floor 55Edit

Floor 56Edit

Floor 57Edit

Floor 58Edit

Floor 59Edit

Floor 60Edit

Floor 61Edit

Floor 62Edit

Floor 63Edit

Floor 64Edit

Floor 65Edit

Functions as a Shop. No Battles available.

Floor 66Edit

Floor 67Edit

Floor 68Edit

Floor 69Edit

Floor 70Edit

Floor 71Edit

Floor 72Edit

Floor 73Edit

Floor 74Edit

Floor 75Edit

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