Warren ReportEdit

"Ozma Moh Glacius. Age 27. Lodissian. A former Loslorian commander from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. She is of House Glacius, patrons of the Galius Guild of Magi, and twin sister to the Dark Knight Oz. She wields both spell and blade with equal skill"

How to RecruitEdit

Chapter 4 (Law route only) -

  • Read "A Rift in the Dark Knights" in the Warren Report at the beginning of Chapter 4, before going to Mount Hedon.
  • After the battle at Hagia Banhamuba, go to Krysaro with Hobyrim in the Party. Bring him into the battle against Volaq and Ozma, and when she asks have him tell her that he is indeed Hobyrim.
    • Then you must reduce Ozma to less than 10% HP without killing her and defeat Volaq
  • Ozma will surrender to Hobyrim and hear his story. When she tells you that she "...owes you for her brother", respond "As I owe you for my father" to recruit her.

Unique ClassesEdit

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