Oz is an Antagonist that is fought on all Routes. In the Chaos route he is fought at Boed Fortress and defeated at Phidoch Castle, in Law only Phidoch Castle and in the Neutral route defeated at Boed Fortress

Warren ReportEdit

"A Loslorian Commander from Galius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire, and twin brother to Dame Ozma. He was an expert swordsman, receiving top honors from the Xanam Officer's Academy. He was assigned to the Dark Knights at the recommendation of the Galius Guild of Magi. His sadistic nature was evident in his actions on the field of battle and in his questioning of prisoners."


Defeating Oz in each route yields a title.

  • Chaos (Boed) - Dark Knight Scourge - "Defeated Oz at Boed Fortress and put the Dark Knights to rout"
  • Law and Chaos - Southron Liberator - "Drove the Dark Knights from Phidoch and wrested control of the south of Valeria"
  • Neutral - Dark Knight Slayer - "Slew the Dark Knight Oz at Boad Fortress and rescued Cerya"

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