Ocionne Rabine is a playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. She's exclusive to the Lawful route.

A disciple of the Sea God Vasque who survived a purge of the enemies of Hierophant Balbatos. Her village was attacked by Jeunan's Wyrmknights, and now lies in ruin. A handful of survivors took shelter at Lhazan Fortress. The Bakram attacked the fortress, and all the villagers save Ocionne were slaughtered,

Recruitment (Lawful route only)Edit

You must recruit Jeunan before recruiting her. During Chapter 4, read the Talk topic "Mysterious Blast at Exeter" to unlock the path to the Palace of the Dead. Once you reach Vasque, you'll see Ocionne be taken by the Necromancer Reymos. After winning the battle, follow them to Lhazan Fortress.

Here things get difficult, since you must keep Ocionne from dying or being petrified, keep Jeunan and Denam from dying or being petrified, and keep Ocionne from killing Reymos until Denam, Ocionne and Jeunan finish their conversation (you'll know when it's over when Denam says "Yes, but his remorse is sincere"). Ocionne will join once the battle is over.


In the original version of Tactics Ogre, she was accompanied by her four Holy/Arc Dragons during recruitment, instead she will fight with one Dragon during the Lhazan Fortress battle, but it doesn't join when she does.

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