Warren ReportEdit

"Mirdyn Walhorn. Age 28. A Xenobian born in the Dalmuhd city of Konsh who once served with the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. Like the Holy Knight Lanselot, he was banished from Xenobia for misconduct. He is a man of few words. Womenfolk hoping to be wooed by the handsome warrior are left disappointed, as he can manage little more than a smile. Gildas and Mirdyn are as chalk and cheese. He came to Valeria with the Holy Knight Lanselot to recover the sword Brynhildr at the behest of King Tristan of Xenobia."

How to RecruitEdit

  • In Chapter 3 of all routes, you will automatically recruit Mirdyn, at Almorica Castle.

Unique ClassesEdit

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