Leonar joins as a Guest during Chapter 1, and briefly in Chapter 3 Neutral/Lawful. He's a relatively good Knight, though his limited time in your party means you can't do much with him, and as he's a Guest, you can't control him.

Depending on your actions/choices he acts as both an ally or antagonist throughout the story.

Warren ReportEdit

"Leonar Reci Rimon, Age 27. A Walister who captains the Knights of Almorica. He serves as the right hand of Duke Ronwey, and is a vital member of the resistance. His mother was killed by the Galgastani. He is a stoic and rational man not easily swayed by emotion"

Base StatsEdit

Leonar will always be in the Knight Class. As a Guest his class cannot be changed.

Attribute Base Rating
STR 42
VIT 43
DEX 38
AGI 36
AVD 40
INT 40
MND 36
RES 40

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