"A fist weapon fitted with three steel blades that enhance its offensive ability considerably".



Has to be crafted. May be dropped by Level 28+ Fist users.


  • Lv.28
  • Weight 13, RT +39
  • Damage: Slashing 9
  • ATK 117, STR +3, VIT +1, DEX +2, HP +7, MIND -2


Ingredient Needed Used for
Vishnu's Katara

Predator Knife

Vishnu's KataraEdit

Has to be crafted.
Vishnu's Katara


  • Lv.29
  • Weight 14 RT +42
  • Damage: Slashing 11
  • Affinity: Water 15
  • ATK 128, STR +6, VIT +3, DEX +4, HP +10, MIND -3


  • On Hit: Water Averse
  • Extra: Fists +2
  • Special: Instill Water


Crafting Recipe Ingredient Needed
Fist Enchiridion


Katara (from the Malayalam 'Kataram' meaning Fist Blade) are 30-50cm (12-20 inch) blades attached to gloves over the knuckles or holdable crossguards, and designed as close-range war weapons to stab and pierce flesh when punching.

Jamadhar are modified Katara with several blades making slashing/swiping more of an additional option.

Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hinduism. While not portrayed as using a Katara or fist weapon, he is often shown as wielding various items of both war and peace in his hands.

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