Warren ReportEdit

"A Xenobian from the City of Peshaval in Charlom. She is the sister of Canopus. A Songstress of renown, her voice is said to soothe the hearts of all who hear it."

How to RecruitEdit

  • Once the Coda starts, read about "The Songstress of Omish" in the Warren Report, then go to Port Omish. You will be caught up in a battle.
  • During the battle, each of the characters may have a dialogue choice: choose dialogue that focuses on keeping the peace and taking responsibility and Denam should eventually be able to suggest a retreat.
  • After fleeing, the Pirate's Graveyard will be closed. Read the Warren Report entry "Iuria's Requiem," leave the Warren Report, then go back and read "Iuria's Secret" and the Pirate's Graveyard should be reopened.
  • Fight your way through to the eleventh map, "Into the Darkness." Defeat the Wicce Sirene, and Iuria will join you.

Unique ClassesEdit

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