Warren ReportEdit

"A Lodissian swordmaster who once served with the Dark Knights Loslorien. He is the second son of Stratarchis Vogras, a Lodissian of great influence, and is brother to the Dark Knight Balxephon. He bears the title 'Steelsong'.

Accused of patricide, his eyes were gouged out, and he was banished from Lodis. Hobyrim came to Valeria seeking vengeance against the true culprit, his brother Balxephon"

How to RecruitEdit

Hobyrim can be recruited in Chapter 3 of all routes, but is recruited differently in each route.

  • Chaotic route - After taking Brigantys Castle you must rescue him in a battle at the Bahanna Highlands
  • Lawful route - Keep him alive in a battle against Ozma at the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime.
  • Neutral route, (you can recruit Hobyrim two ways).
    • After the Tynemouth Hill battle with Ganpp but before defeating Nybeth at Ndamsa Fortress, meet with Leonar at Krysaro to hear about some captive warriors at Qadriga Fortress. After the battle at Qadriga, you can recruit Hobyrim
    • If you choose not to fight this optional battle, after reporting in at Almorica, a battle at Golyat will open up. Save Hobyrim from the Hawkman Orgeau there to recruit him.

Unique ClassesEdit

  • None


Young Hobyrim Portrait
In a cutscene event in Chapter 4 - 'Traitor in the Resistance?' - it is possible to see a younger Hobyrim and the events leading to his banishment.


Hobyrim is named after Haborim, the 23rd spirit of the Goetia and a great Duke of Hell. Haborim is said to appear in the form of a man with a handsome body but possessing three heads - a serpent's, a man with two stars on his forehead, and that of a cat. He can also increases a man's wit and gives true answers on private matters of others unconditionally.

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