• Save often.
  • Train ALL the time! You'll really need it for the battles of this game.  (Enemies scale to your level, so don't over-do it in the first couple chapters).
  • Recruit!  Whether it's beasts or humans, you'll spread out the XP maintaining a level suited for early chapters, you'll receive additional equipment for goth or evening out the random encounters, and you can auction beasts for goth, food (which gives you TP and a permanent stat boost), and base ingredients.  Don't forget to purchase them after the auction.
  • Only train one new class at a time, as it's much easier.
  • Craft as much as possible, AND SAVE prior to doing so.  It's faster to load your game than to re-craft base items AND it saves you on goth.
  • If a battle is too difficult, then keep trying it with different strategies and battle parties.
  • Weapons with a holy or divine element are also extremely effective against the undead, and in some cases may be enough to deal a one-hit kill. As such, Baldur weapons are extremely effective against undead.
  • Healing spells are capable of dealing damage to the undead, so use those clerics!
  • Magic is only as effective as the unit using it, so if a magic user has a low magic attack attribute, which is quite unusual, it's best to convert them to a melee class such as a knight.
  • It's possible to turn Denam into a unit that excels in both melee and magic by changing him into the Lord class which is the only job class, besides a templar or Knight Commander (one of which is unobtainable and the other is only obtainable under certain circumstances, respectively), that can effectively wield blade and magic with equal skill.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty early in the game, a team consisting primarily of archers will make quick work of opposition. Be warned though that this may detract from the enjoyment of this game's challenge.
  • Be sure to utilize the ninja's dual wield ability.

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