There are certain combinations that when equipped together provide certain bonuses or access to normally unobtainable skills.

List of SetsEdit

Dragonslayer SetEdit

Equipping 3 or more pieces from this set gives access to the Dragoon skill 'Dragonslayer' regardless of class and without taking up a skill slot.

Weapons Shields Armor Helms &
Dragon Claws
Dragon Blades
Dragon Fang
Dragon Axe
Terre Axe
Dragon Hammer
Sanguine Hammer
Dragon Scale
Ancient Dragon Scale
Wyrmscale Armor Wyrmscale Helm
Wyrmscale Sleeves
Sparkguard Boots

Evil Deeds SetEdit

A singular set. Equipping all gives access to the 'Evil Deeds' skill in battle - a 70TP skill that inflicts 'Hobble', 'Frighten', and 'Slow' on all adjacent enemy units with 100% success.

Weapons Helms Armor
Dagda's Hammer Skull Mask Thanatos Armor

Ji'ygla SetEdit

A singular set. Equipping the full set increases Ranged Attack to maximum (999)

Weapons Armor Armguards
Ji'ygla's Bow Ji'ygla's Darkcoat Ji'ygla's Bracers

Ogre SetEdit

Equipping 3 of the pieces (Helm + Armor + Blade/Shield) maximises Physical Defence (999) and gives a large boost to Magic and Magic defence

Weapons Shields Helms Armor
Ogre Blade Ogre Shield Ogre Helm Ogre Armor

Reeking SetEdit

An unusual set. The effect is not immediately obvious, but equipping 3 of these pieces makes opponents rarely attack with melee weapons and/or less likely to stop (finish their turn) next to the equipped unit.

Weapons Helms Armor Armguards
Odiferous Waster Glistening Helm Reeking Armor Musty Gauntlets


Wind God WeaponsEdit

A set of Four weapons. Not a set with an in-battle effect, but having all 4 pieces unlocks a battle with Blackmoor in the Palace of the Dead

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