"A sword with a steel blade found in the ruins of an ancient kingdom long since swallowed by the sands of the Dahmuhd Desert"


Desert BladeEdit

Desert Blade
Can be crafted. May be dropped by Level 21+ two-handed Sword users.


  • Lv. 21
  • Weight 13, RT +38
  • Damage: Slashing 7
  • Affinity: Earth 7
  • ATK 112, STR +2, DEX +1, MIND +2


  • On Hit: Earth Averse
  • Extra: Augment Earth +1


Ingredient Needed Used for

Gaia BladeEdit

Has to be crafted
Gaia Blade


  • Lv. 26
  • Weight 14, RT +41
  • Damage: Slashing 9
  • Affinity: Earth 15
  • ATK 123, STR +4, DEX +3, MIND +4


  • On Hit: Earth Averse
  • Extra: Anatomy +1
  • Special: Vulcan Lance III


Crafting Recipe Ingredient Needed
2-H Sword Enchiridion

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