Deneb's Emporium, later to be called "Punkin's Peddling Patch" after the sidequest to recruit her, is a second shop that can be accessed at the start of Chapter 4 the location of which changes depending on the day of the month.

Stock Edit

After CODA Episode 1, classmarks for unique classes like Paladin, Astromancer, White Knight, Songstress, and Wicce (Once their respective characters are recruited) can be bought.

Necromancy reagents may also be bought here regardless of story progression.

Locating Deneb's Shop Edit

Day Location
1, 15 Port Omish
2, 16 Grimsby
3, 17 Heim
4, 18 Oeram
5, 19 Barnicia
6, 20 Golyat
7, 21 Almorica
8, 22 Rhime
9, 23 Kysaro
10, 24 Phidoch
11, 25 Balmamusa
12 Coitanae
13 Asyton
14 Brigantys

Deneb's Sidequest Edit

To recruit Deneb, you must auctioned off 3 of each Dragon, including Hydra at any shop. Then, you must read the Warren Report note about Deneb's Shop and Mysterious Blast on Exeter to open her shop and the Palace of the Dead side quest. You must have at least cleared the village of Vasque on the way to Palace of the Dead BEFORE you buy orbs from her shop. If you do not clear Vasque first, NONE OF THE ORBS YOU BOUGHT BEFORE THEN WILL COUNT! After Vasque, buy at least 5 of each orb (the store will stock 2 orbs per dragon auctioned). However, to obtain her special Wicce class, you must obtain 30 Glass Pumpkins from the Palace of the Dead AND sell them to her before you buy the last (45th) dragon orb from Deneb.

After a cutscene, Deneb will join as a guest and ask you to help her at Vasque. Vasque will be outlined in red again, and after the battle there, Deneb will join as a Witch or Wicce.

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