"A two-handed hammer formed from the blood of the Dark Lord Dagda. A dark magic relic".


Dropped by a Blood Gavial found on Floor 112 of the Palace of the Dead



  • Lv.43 (2H) - Unique
  • Weight 17, RT +52
  • Damage: Crushing 12
  • Affinity: Dark 15
  • ATK 180, STR +3, VIT +5, HP +8, MP 012, INT +5, MIND +3, RES +8


  • On Hit: Dark Averse
  • Extra: Stoneproof, Augment Dark +1
  • Special: Petriburst
  • Part of the "Evil Deeds" Equipment Set


"Dagda" was a deity in Celtic mythology. His name meant "the good god", (as in good at achieving, rather than morally good). He was often portrayed as wielding a magical club.

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