Warren ReportEdit

"Cerya Phoraena. Age 26. A Bakram who formerly led the Liberation Front. She once spread the teachings of the Order of Philaha, worshippers of the Great Father, but left after losing faith in religion. She went on to form the Liberation Front, aiming to end the war by revolutionary means. "

How to RecruitEdit

  • The first step is a battle against the Dark Knight Oz at Boed Fortress in Chapter 3, on either the Neutral or Chaotic route.

Chaos Route

  • Defeat Oz, and Cerya will join you automatically.

Neutral Route

  • Defeat Oz, but Cerya herself is a guest in the battle, and you must keep her alive.
  • In Chapter 4, after rescuing Archiereus Mreuva, read the Warren Report Talk entry "Pirates of Qadriga Fortress" to unlock an encounter with Captain Ehlrig.
  • Answer him "Will you aid us?" to recruit both Cerya and Ehlrig.

Unique ClassesEdit

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