"A single-edged axe imbued with the power of Boreas, God of the North Winds"


Dropped by a Level 37+ Gryphon found on Floor 64 of the Palace of the Dead



  • Lv.37 (1H)
  • Weight 12, RT +37
  • Damage: Slashing 8
  • Affinity: Air 15
  • ATK 136, STR +2, DEX +5, MP +5 AVD +3, MIND +2, RES +4


  • Racial: Divine +15%
  • On Hit: Air Averse
  • Extra: Augment Air +1, Sleepproof
  • Special: Deadshot III
  • One of the Wind God Weapons Equipment Set


As mentioned in the weapon description, named after Boreas, Greek god of the North winds and bringer of Winter.

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