A type of Armor.

List of Body ArmorsEdit


Robe +1

Leather Armor

Leather Armor +1


Chainmail +1

Magus Robe

Magus Robe +1

Baldur Armor

Baldur Armor +1


Brigandine +1

Sorcerer's Robe

Sorcerer's Robe +1

Damasc Mail

Damasc Mail +1

Wyrmscale Armor

Reeking Armor

Robes of the Gale

Robes of the Dust

Robes of the Storm

Robes of the Cataract

Robes of the Inferno

Robes of Black Ice

Robes of Radiance

Robes of Gloom

Falcon Feathercoat

Nathalork Rockcoat

Viraat's Thundercoat

Whale Whiskercoat

Phoenix Flamecoat

Vikrant Icecoat

Aganista Lightcoat

Ji'ygla's Darkcoat

Falcon Mail

Nathalork Mail

Alluring Dress

Alluring Corset

Viraat's Mail

Ur-Whale Mail

Phoenix Mail

Vikrant Mail

Titania Mail

Thanatos Armor

Garb of the Sages

Ogre Armor

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