Barbas is a recurring Antagonist and a member of the Dark Knights.

Warren ReportEdit

"Barbas Dahd Geuse. Age 34. A Loslorian commander, hailing from Bomouth on the borderlands of Lodis. He is a giant of a man, and the most bloodthirsty of the seven Loslorian Commanders. Hewas put on trial for beating a superior to death, but was saved from execution by Lanselot Tartaros.

He led the Bakram forces invading Rhime, and battled the Holy Knight Lanselot there. He was also among the Dark Knights who attacked Golyat a year ago."


Barbas is one of the 72 demons listed in the 'Ars Goetia' (the 5th spirit of the 72), and is described as the 'Great President of Hell'. He answers truthfully on hidden or secret information and is often depicted as a lion or with a lion's head.

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