Warren ReportEdit

"Arycelle Dania. Age 19. A Walister hailing from Krysaro. She and her brother took shelter with the resistance after their parents died in the war. Her brother was captured by the Galgastani and taken to Balmamusa. Where he became a victim of the massacre. After learning the massacre was the work of the Resistance, she left their ranks and joined the New Walister Alliance"

How to RecruitEdit

Chaotic route

  • You will need to rescue her in the battle on the Xeod Moors. She will reluctantly join you temporarily, and you will have to protect her through two more battles as a Guest.
  • After the battle on Tynemouth Hill, she will join you permanently.
    • Note: At the end of Chapter 2 (Chaos), if you make the decision to accept Leonar's offer and take the Neutral route, her loyalty will take a drastic plunge to 10, no matter how high it was before.

Lawful route,

Unique ClassesEdit

  • None


Arycelle's name from the original Tactics Ogre, 'Alocer' is derived from Allocer, the "Great Duke of Hell", and who induces people to immorality and teaches arts and 'all mysteries of the sky'.

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